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What is E-Enable?

E-Enable focuses on Education, Good Health and Well-Being, as well as Economic Empowerment for its beneficiaries.

They have various projects to help people with their unique needs cutting across home-based care for children with disabilities, access to antenatal health services, and donation of assistive mobility devices.

Project focus includes:

  • Smile of a Child Project to provide scholastic resources for children otherwise unable to attend school.

  • Mother’s Heart Project to provide natal healthcare and support to mothers and infants, skill training, capacity building, and braille training.

  • Other educational initiatives to better equip disabled people and their families to achieve their full potential.

Led by Eno Okpo

A woman who rose above her personal challenges to dedicate her life to helping others, E-Enable envisions a world where everyone understands that no matter what their circumstances, people are able and can always work to become better.

Our Objectives:


Completed Projects


Girls & Women Trained


People Empowered

How did E-Enable and Girl Power USA meet?

Our sister company, Girl Power Talk, first interacted with E-Enable in 2020 at the advent of the pandemic. We helped them develop their website and better organize their online donation portal. Given the synergies and their mutual foundation of empowerment and education, the friendship between the two organizations has deepened ever since.

With the launch of Girl Power USA, E-Enable formalized the partnership with us to achieve our mutual goal of elevating youth and women in Nigeria. This partnership is a manifestation of our shared vision for initiating change and empowering young people to live a life of dignity. Together, we provide opportunities for youth and women to achieve their full potential.

Note from Founder

The gift of education gives the girl child and opportunity not just to survive but to thrive. Our partnership with Girl Power USA presents that opportunity in a most amazing manner; creating a preferable future for orphaned girls to receive quality education, inspiring hope among differently able women/girls through networking and strengthening our staff capacity to do more in serving humanity.

A partnership with Girl Power USA is a partnership that  transcends culture, boundaries and builds a formidable future based on trust and a shared passion for humanity.
Thank you Girl Power USA.

Content and Fundraising Partnership

Girl Power USA collaborates with E-Enable on several areas of key needs for the organization. We undertake joint branding i.e. creating content together to promote our messages and help them reach a wider audience. We also support the marketing of their fashion line and create campaigns on similar lines to help increase the exposure of E-Enable beyond Nigeria.

Girl Power USA sponsors a special scholarship for the Smile of a Child project, where we cover all educational costs for two children, from primary and secondary school, for 6 months— including tuition fees, stationery, uniform, and more. For the first batch, we have sponsored two girls, Happiness and Mary, both coming from extremely hard familial situations. We are providing them stability so they can stay in school.

As we believe investing in skill development being the best way to initiate sustainable change, Girl Power USA also organizes training sessions in social media management for the E-Enable team and beneficiaries. We recently organized an online lunch networking session to interact with E-Enable and get to know the team at a personal level. The idea behind this session was to make everyone feel seen and valued as individuals. The lunch session was a great success and we look forward to hosting on-ground events with them in the coming year.

Girl Power USA helps raise funds for E-Enable through our campaigns and by jointly applying for government and private grants in alignment with our common mission.

Making a More Inclusive World, Together

We are firm believers in sustainable impact, and we know that this friendship will continue to grow stronger with time. Girl Power USA and E-Enable are working to create a more inclusive world where everyone is welcomed and given opportunities regardless of their individual circumstances or background. We are actively building a better future and giving hope to youth and children in Nigeria.

Join us in creating a better world.

Together, we will continue to revolutionize opportunities for social impact.

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