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Girl Power USA was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit after several years of social impact work at our sister organization, Girl Power Talk.

Our aim is to create a sustainable impact by empowering individuals and communities through resources and opportunities to be socially and economically independent, with an acute focus on underserved communities in Africa and Asia. We focus on uplifting women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups to contribute to building a more inclusive reality. We are touching lives and empowering minds consciously. Our mission aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We partner with local, reputed organizations to grow our social impact and bring together donors from across the world. Girl Power USA is the representation of a global village where every individual is celebrated and supported to reach their full potential.

Our Mission
and Vision

We envision an equitable world where empowered individuals attain their maximum potential regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social or economic background.

Our mission includes redefining social impact by supporting the holistic development of tomorrow’s female global leaders. We have an acute focus on developing economies, particularly those in Asia and Africa. Our activities revolve around four core themes: Entrepreneurship, Women In Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, and Impact. For example, they may include youth development programs, financial literacy education, providing resources for victims of gender-based violence, investing in women-led SMEs, hygiene and health awareness, promoting women in sports, or practical digital/technology programs.

Here Are Some of the Team Members of Sheroes

A Message from the Executive Director of Girl Power USA

Let Us Be Your Legacy Creators

We may live in challenging times, but benevolence and kindness remain intrinsic to human nature.
Everyone at Girl Power USA knows how great it feels to be an instrument of opportunity and change for communities and individuals and we want other organizations, individuals, and entrepreneurs to experience this feeling as well.
Do you dream of changing the world, but don’t have the bandwidth to do justice to your cause?
Would you like to provide clean water, employment, or healthcare to vulnerable communities? We can go anywhere in the world you need, in your name, to represent your organization. Think of Girl Power USA as the extra set of arms and legs you need to implement real change. Whether we are your on – ground support team or the online engagement tool you need to let others know about your cause, count on us to build you a legacy that lasts.

We Are Committed To

Women In Technology

We consciously facilitate opportunities for women in technology.

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and promote the inclusion of people of all genders, races, and religions.

Generate Impact

We lead Girl Power Talk’s social impact projects to support youth development in Asia and Africa.

Entrepreneurial Culture

We provide access to education and develop socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Meet the

Sameer Somal


Rachita Sharma


Frankie Picasso

Executive Director

Sudhansu Batra

Chief Operating Officer

Simran Singh

Sr. Writer, Content & Media

Victoria Cesar

Sr. Writer, Content & Media

Marion Nekessa

Sr. Writer, Content & Media

Kelvin Kimali

Video Editor, Content & Media

Vishal Baibhaw

Associate, Content & Media

Kauthar Wangi

Associate, Marketing & PR

Hillary Turyasingura

Associate, Social Impact

Nitya Bardhan

UI/UX Designer, Technology

Jobelle Ponta-oy

Associate, Graphic Designer

Stevens Forcadell

Sr. Analyst, Finance & Investments


Girl Power USA is funded by grants, individual donations, and corporate sponsorships. Our goal is to provide meaningful choices to donors to create social impact. We work with partner organizations to help establish their CSR departments where our values and vision align. All contributions to Girl Power USA are accounted for and the donors are given detailed information about how we use their generous contributions. We are building a transparent structure for our community to be actively involved in our process of social change, exactly how they want it to be.


Ian Robertson - Vice President, Director & Portfolio Manager at Odlum Brown Limited

I have worked with the team from the Girl Power USA Foundation for approximately two years. Our work began together before the official incorporation of the foundation, and has been dedicated to improving the transparency of proxy voting by global investors on global companies.
One of the aims of the OxProx database is to improve social outcomes, including better female representation on boards of directors, better and more inclusive social policies, and more equitable treatment of workers.
This is in addition to the outcome of the database itself; it is focused on the path we take to achieve improved ESG outcomes from proxy voting. Having the Girl Power USA foundation team lead on the data integrity, as well as on the website design and publicity for the database, achieves this second, process-oriented goal.
We have had incredible feedback from user groups about the importance and efficacy of the database, and of the partnership work that we have engaged in with Girl Power USA foundation. I believe that the foundation will increase its reach and impact as a partner with other organizations with a social purpose, like OxProx.

Laura Powers - Mentor

Girl Power USA is an organization with strong leadership and a clear vision for positive social impact. Although it is a newly established nonprofit, the team has been working for social change during recent years through their other branches. I was introduced to their work through Girl Power Talk co-founder, Sameer Somal, who invited me to advise their young professionals and nurture their team’s growth.
I have personally witnessed the support that Girl Power USA provides for individual empowerment. Through education and social engagement, the beneficiaries of Girl Power USA strive to improve the lives of others in society. Girl Power USA has established itself as a successful model for sustainable impact that will uplift young people around the globe. I look forward to continuing to participate in its critical mission.

We Believe in
Gender Lens Investing

While hiring more women, especially in positions of real influence, is important, it isn’t enough. One of the most powerful approaches to achieving gender parity is the thoughtful development of young women and girls. What distinguishes gender lens investing is that it represents the difference between an investment that happens to benefit women and girls and an investment that, from inception, is intended to benefit women and girls.

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