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International Projects

Our program focuses on undertaking projects that transcend borders, cultures, and languages. By engaging in international initiatives, we aim to promote global understanding, cooperation, and sustainable development, contributing to a more interconnected world.

Leadership & Character Development

We are dedicated to cultivating leadership skills and fostering strong character traits in our participants. Through mentorship, experiential learning, and personal growth opportunities, we empower individuals to lead with integrity, empathy, and resilience, preparing them to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

Local Impact

While we value global perspectives, we believe that change starts at the local level. Our commitment to making a global impact involves working closely with our local communities to contribute towards the unique needs within each of our projects.

Build a Global Network

Building connections that transcend borders is a key aspect of our program. By connecting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we aim to create a global network that fosters collaboration, inspires innovative solutions, and provides support for personal and professional development, ultimately contributing to a more interconnected and prosperous world.


Welcome to Youth Power USA, a program tailored to empower students across the nation to make a global impact. We offer students the opportunity to connect with and serve underprivileged communities worldwide. Through our program, students gain the autonomy to create and lead their own fundraising initiatives, providing them with invaluable experiences in project management, leadership, and teamwork. As they raise funds, they not only develop crucial soft skills essential for their future careers but also contribute to the financial support of communities benefiting from Girl Power USA’s service projects.

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Fundraising Rewards

Individual team members will receive 1 T-shirt for every $100.00 raised

Individual team members will receive 1 Hoodie for every $250.00 raised

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