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Creating Doctors in Uganda

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What is Creating Doctors in Uganda?

Creating Doctors in Uganda is an initiative by Girl Power USA aiming to help young medical students in Uganda finish University and graduate as doctors through financial support. National medical schools in Uganda graduate an approximate of 400 doctors per year but, once they graduate, many of these new doctors leave the country in search of better work conditions and opportunities abroad.

While in Uganda, there is one doctor for approximately 33,000 patients. According to the World Health Organization, the statistic should be one doctor per 1000 patients. Not only is the country severely lacking in doctors, but also in basic medical equipment such as EKG machines, which are not available even at the best hospital in Kampala.

Full tuition cost of medical schools in Uganda is approximately 80 million Ugandan shillings ($20,000). Oftentimes, entire families contribute to finance one student through a medical degree but, even then, it is difficult for many of them to complete their fees, especially after the pandemic. Girl Power USA’s mission in Uganda is to support students through their 11 semesters of medical school if they are willing to stay in Uganda and work in their communities for at least 5 years after graduating. Our long-term vision is to build a medical facility that will accommodate a variety of medical treatments.

Project focus includes:

  • Providing financial support to specially selected medical students, from a gender lens, to finish their studies and become doctors.

  • Raising awareness in rural communities on common health conditions and education on how to treat them, with a particular focus on mental health.

  • Promoting women’s well-being, including reproductive and menstrual education, as well as providing basic resources.

  • Offering professional mentorship for the development of soft and technical skills among youth, including financial literacy, personal growth, career planning, as well as international exposure.

Where did this initiative come from?

Girl Power USA’s team became aware of the need of doctors in Uganda through the experience of one of our Young Leaders, Kauthar Wangi. Kauthar is a student in Kampala International University, currently pursuing her second year of medicine, and in need of tuition to complete her last 7 semesters. Girl Power USA is financially supporting Kauthar to cover her tuition and aims to do the same for other medical students.

Girl Power USA has also supported Kauthar’s initiative, SaveGirl Uganda (a Vantage Foundation project), since 2021. SaveGirl Uganda began as an online campaign on a crowd-funding site. The money collected was used to buy sanitary pads that would be distributed to young women in rural areas. Later, the structure of the campaign was rethought to a more impactful, inclusive and durable approach which is mentorship. With Girl Power USA, we have been able to work with about 300 young women and men in rural and run-down areas of Uganda.

Note from Kauthar

“I want to become a doctor since I understood how many deadly conditions in Uganda can actually be successfully treated through attainable Medicine skills. Proper formation, resources, and doctors availability will make saving lives in Uganda possible. I learnt that love is the key to success so I’m certain that my passion will guide me to become a great doctor. My goal is giving back to my community and I’m achieving it through Creating Doctors in Uganda and Girl Power USA.”.

Partnership with Vantage Foundation

Girl Power USA collaborates with Vantage Foundation on several areas of key needs for both organizations. We undertake joint branding i.e. creating content together to promote our messages and help them reach a wider audience. We also create campaigns to help increase the exposure of Vantage Foundation as well as creating Doctors in Uganda beyond national borders.

Girl Power USA raises funds to support committed and conscious young Medicine students in Uganda to become doctors, through our campaigns and by applying for government and private grants in alignment with our mission.

Girl Power USA supports reproductive and women’s health education by helping with content creation and donating basic resources with the help of Vantage Foundation. Girl Power USA and Vantage Foundation teams have also organized mentorship sessions with highschool students, focused on mental health.

Due to our firm belief in education and the value of international cultural exchange, Girl Power USA promoted the first Girl Power USA and Vantage Foundation International Financial Literacy Conference for approximately 120 students and young mothers in Uganda, in September 2022. Girl Power USA members from Kenya and Zimbabwe attended the event, while the rest participated virtually. We covered a luncheon, hot food buffet, flights for guest speakers from Kenya and Zimbabwe, and T-shirts for all participants. This Conference was a unique opportunity to inspire and empower youth in Uganda.

Saving Lives Together, One Person at a Time

We believe in revolutionizing opportunities and changing lives, one person at a time. By contributing to Creating Doctors in Uganda, we are not only investing in the individual growth of medical students, but also reaching hundreds of people. Girl Power USA is providing solutions for two of the most urgent needs in Uganda: the improvement of the medical care system and the professional development of youth. Support this campaign and help us promote health in Uganda. You can save one life today.

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